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September 15th, 2008, 05:30 PM
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I have NEVER said anything bad about her bio dad. It is not for me to tell her that. He does not care for or love Sadie. He never has. He never will. For 8 years I have been asking for this adoption and he always said no. He only said yes this time because I said that I would pay for it. It is all about money with him. This is the 2nd child that he has let be adopted by the step father, he gave one up for adoption, and he has one at home with him. His wife also has a son that was taken away from her that lives with her parents because she beat him and left him in a basement when he was 18 months old. These are not good people. There are so many bad things that I could tell Sadie about them but I don't. I think that bashing another parent to your child is plain wrong. Money is more important to this man. I KNOW that if I didn't say that I would pay for it that he would have said no. I found an attorney here that will do it for $839.00 so that is what I am saving now.

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