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March 5th, 2005, 09:36 PM
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First I want to ask, what type of ultra sound did you have done? vaginal or belly?
A belly sonogram won't pick up a baby in early pregnancy, but a vaginal will sometimes, not all the time...

Second, mommy2bstl- I didn't know that about ovarian cysts until I read the back of a HPT test at a Dollar Mart.. It shocked me.. It did say Ovarian cyst can cause false positives, you'd think they way would put that on the back of First Response.

What do you think about this and see if this sounds like your situation..

I had a 8 cm ovarian cyst in my tubes, I had laparoscopy to have it removed. anways in janurary I got pregnant, and had a miscarriage. I used a hpt- positive, urine test at doctor's office positive, my blood test positive, my blood level was 108 hcg's.. A week later I miscarried, my levels were below 2 that day I miscarried..

My cyst didn't rupture, and my levels dropped, so I guess mine wasn't a false positive was it? Makes you wonder sometimes
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