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September 15th, 2008, 09:06 PM
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I had just gotten to work and was getting things out of drawers to start working on a project when our security specialist stuck her head in and said "A plane just flew into the World Trade Center!" I remember thinking...."what kind of idiot flies their lear jet (a small plane) into something like that?" I walked down to her office and we listened to the radio and then we heard that a plane had hit the Pentagon. That was when we knew it wasn't just an accident. We finally remembered that we had a TV in the office and we wheeled that out to watch in horror as we saw the flames and wreckage in the first tower. I had to run to my office to answer phones since our receptionist hadn't come in yet, and I was crying on the phone to my co-worker that the TV was showing people jumping out of the windows from above the crash site. They were jumping to their deaths!! I got back to the TV and saw the second plane hit the tower. I just couldn't believe I was seeing it happen. I felt sick and frightened because my DH had flown out from Dayton to St. Louis and then was on his way to Seattle that morning. I had no idea where he was and couldn't get a hold of him because we don't own cell phones! I was frantic until the reports came in about where the flights had originated. The first tower fell, then the second one, and there was the report about Flight 93 in PA going was surreal. I finally got a phone call from my husband who was stuck in St. Louis and he asked me to call his boss to let them know where he was (she had already called me) and that he was OK. Shortly before that, my boss told us to go home, but once my DH called me there was no way I was leaving him stranded in St. Louis. I went home, changed and headed out to pick him up -- a 5 hour drive -- and it was eerie passing the exits and seeing the looooong lines at the gas stations. It was a horrible day that I will never forget, and I hope my DD will never have to experience that in her lifetime!

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