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September 16th, 2008, 05:46 PM
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I have NEVER said anything bad about her bio dad. It is not for me to tell her that. He does not care for or love Sadie. He never has. He never will. For 8 years I have been asking for this adoption and he always said no. He only said yes this time because I said that I would pay for it. It is all about money with him. This is the 2nd child that he has let be adopted by the step father, he gave one up for adoption, and he has one at home with him. His wife also has a son that was taken away from her that lives with her parents because she beat him and left him in a basement when he was 18 months old. These are not good people. There are so many bad things that I could tell Sadie about them but I don't. I think that bashing another parent to your child is plain wrong. Money is more important to this man. I KNOW that if I didn't say that I would pay for it that he would have said no. I found an attorney here that will do it for $839.00 so that is what I am saving now.[/b]
I agree 100%! I've always tried to keep my own feelings about the kids' dad to myself. Kids are part mother, part father unless they're cloned--which I seriously doubt any of ours are--so for me to badmouth the EVILSOBSPERMDONOR to them is to badmouth all the wonderful traits that they got from their father. They may be few and far between--because he has so few--but they are there. They would not have those beautiful big brown eyes they have. They would not be as smart. They would not have the looks that they most definitely got from him--I'm blonde with green eyes, he's dark haired and dark eyed. We could not get along. Period. The kids knew it, we knew it everyone around us that knew us, knew we didn't belong together. I am much happier now but he is still miserable. My biological father never wanted kids and was more than happy to sign adoption papers when my mom told him either his signature would be on the paper or he would be sued for three years of back child support. He didn't want me then, didn't want me later and if he is still alive, still does not want me! I'm ok with that now because I don't want him either. He's not my "dad". The man who adopted me is. He's just my biological father. Sperm donor works also. That's how my kids now refer to their father. Sad, but it's his own fault.
I am so glad that you found someone who is going to do this for you for so much less than you thought! I hope you get the money together really soon. Your sweet little girl deserves the kind of daddy that Kal has been and will continue to be to her. This just makes it legal.
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