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January 18th, 2006, 07:35 PM
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The tiredness and weightloss does have me a bit concerned. I would before anything else have him check in with a Dr. It may just be stress, it may be mono or something else. Regardless of what the cause is, he will be better able to deal with everything else when he is physically feeling more like himself.

Hi Kaz...he's had every test run under the sun...blood tests, MRI, brain scan, cat scan. PET scan, bone marrow biopsy, ultrasound on his testicles...the dr's believe the cancer may be returning but if it is it's too soon to tell because all his results are still falling under the "normal" range...although slightly elivated from the last time.
There's been 4 outbreaks of mono at his work (high school)...he had mono as a kid and the virus can resurface if you're under stress or re-exposed. All his symptoms match mono. he has another appt with an internist tomorrow and he's gonna talk with him about it then. I am slightly concerned if he has mono because if I get it and I'm pg...well that's not a good combo.
We just had an arguement over something VERY dumb in my opinion. He compltely screamed at me over the phone because I text message his friend's wife whom he wants me to have nothing to do with (long story but basically she talks a lot of crap about b/f and he asked me to stop being friends iwht her...which I did). basically on new years I was feeling VERY lonely and i was a bit nostalgic about the year see we spent new years with that couple and had so much fun...she was really one of the few people who tried to be there for me when I m/c. I agree she said some pretty mena and inappropriate things about him and thus why I agreed to sever the it just made everyone uncomfortable when we were broken up ya know? Anyway apparently his friend told him about the text msgs (which were happy new years, i miss you, someday I'll explain better and her answers were happy new years to you, I miss you too, I look frioward to that day)...B/f had a freaking hissy that I "lied" to him and never told him about this. he made me cry at work...i was so upset I had to leave and I was hoping to work late tonight. I looked up stress and m/c...i feel like e-mailing him the articles I found. ipromised my baby I wouldn't do this to it...get upset like this but I can't help myself right now.
he's gonna call me back when he's "calmed down"...I am so anngry...mind you when this texting thing went on he and I weren't even toghether!
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