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January 18th, 2006, 11:01 PM
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Thanks Jessica...we ahd an additional discussion:
Basically he claims to be hurt that I kept this info from him (boo *$%# hoo)...this girl obviously stirred up trouble telling ehr husbadn about the text messages so I'm not all that happy with her...this is kinda what she does and why I pulled away to begin with despite her being good to me personally during the m/c's...she's just a lot of drama kwim? Anyway, i don't want to reunite with was a weak weak moment. it makes me angry that he lets that definemy loyalty to him despite EVEYTHING i do for him...i told him I feel like he's simply looking for an excuse to cause problems between us.
Anyway we kind of just agreed to let it go. He said he would go to counseling another time, he just feels like crap right now. i told him I need to hear and feel I am important to him...he said, "obviously you are Norina"...i said "NO! Not need to tell me and show it"...he said, "Norina you are very important to me"...
he jokes around a lot but it bothers me..c.all me insecure but like yesterday i showed up to drop him off a smootie and he says..."so how much did you weight this morning" it's like he plays on my weakness' ya know...I know I've already gain ed a little weight...i told him today it would be nice to hear, "you look pretty or I like that skirt" rather than "how much did you weight this mornign" I sear I probably just made you all hate him ten fold huh?
Ugh sometiems he's when he runs his fingers through my hair or he does tell me he likes my hair like that (straight and down)...but it';s so far and few between...i think the whole, 'he's just with you because you're pg" is running through my head right now I think i folled myself into thinking we would just bounce right into being the family I always wanted...
on the other hand it's only been 2 weeks since we found out...maybe I should give him more time to get use to this all?
he said we're gonna go look for a place to live together this weekend...
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