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September 17th, 2008, 10:33 PM
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My labor/delivery was SUPER fast (less than 5 hours from waking up that morning until the birth!) so for me it was all about letting DH know to just to let me do my own thing!

I thought I'd maybe like water this time around but didn't......... I thought I might want to sit on the birth ball and have DH rub my back...TOTALLY didn't! (In fact, I yelled at him to leave me alone and don't touch me! LOL Most of my labor was transition!)......I though I'd want my DD around during labor and DEFINITELY didn't!....... I ended up laboring in a VERY small part of my bathroom on the toilet for the majority of the time and it was WONDERFUL...

Don't be afraid to vocalize if you want to! Make sure it's LOOOOW type noises and not high shrieking - open mouth, open bottom but if you tighten up your jaw to shriek, it usually closes up and tightens your birthing areas too so be aware of that!

Be flexible, do what you need to do - make sure your support people know that YOU are the star of the show! Also, make sure you have all of your supplies out and ready somewhere! I had all of mine on the changing table in the room I ended up giving birth in!
Keep an open mind and be proud of what you are doing for your little one!
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