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September 18th, 2008, 11:44 AM
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What do you have so far ? hmm nothing! I need to start stocking up!

What do you need ? Everything, the birth kit supplies and then the extra things such as a hose, towels, snacks/drinks, ice cube trays, emergen-c, paper towels, plastic liners, tissues, heat wraps, 2 large stock pots, large plastic bowls, sheets, flashlight/batteries,

How much do you plan on spending on everything total ?
probably $175, the birth kit is $100.

Where are you getting your supplies from ? Walmart, drugstores, dollar store, big lots.

When do you plan on having everything ready ?
Order the birth kit at 34 weeks and have everything ready by 36 weeks.

Where are your birth supplies ? They will probably be kept in a big basket in the nursery

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