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September 19th, 2008, 12:16 PM
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Jessica, I had the same problem. I felt like I just didn't really want to know because I was already scared to death of losing my baby. I feel horrible for not replying to all of them but did eventually, I didn't really get involved at the beginning so missed a lot of it anyway. One girl came on at the beginning and wasn't happy aobut being pregnant with 3 little ones at home already, she had an abortion and of course never came back. I was so upset, I know it was her decsion but didnt make it easier. I didn't fit in there anyway as I just couldn't relax.

Don't feel bad, in the end all you want is your baby and a healthy pregnancy. We already know what can happen and it's hard to hear the bad stuff. You'll find ways to get through each day and you will make it hun
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