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September 19th, 2008, 01:42 PM
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Bobbie, if you only knew how bad the NHS can be. Our government runs our insurance and that says it all right there.

The NHS sucks. They are quite ridgid in their care and dictate what drugs are available and to who. If you're overweight, such as in my case, they won't even perform certain surgeries. I think they do their own studies and make their own conclusions just so they can won't work.

Like they supposedly did a study that women who try ivf don't have any better chance of getting pregnant without it. My first thought was...well there's another excuse to not cover a procedure.

We don't even see ob's here unless you have an issue, which I guess in a way is good, but I like my American OBgyn. The worst part is I have to reuse my urine container every visit and I get to take my pee back home with me. I find it gross and unsanitary. Do you know if your mw office is like that Kate? And I wonder how your visits will go. I hardly had any care up to 24 weeks. I'm now on 3 week visits until 34 weeks and then go every other week and then only weekly if I go past 40 weeks.

I do have to say, my mw has always said the door is always open and at least we don't have to talk to a nurse to describe our problems before they decide if we need an apt.

Obviously, I don't really like the NHS[/b]
I am totally with you here! I had a diagnostic laparoscopy a few years back, and I was told I had to lose weight before I could have it because my BMI was too high for surgery.

Hun you should not have to reuse your container every time! That is way gross, I have never heard of that around here where I live I would be complaining to someone very high up about that!

I have a midwife appointment next week but after I see her then I probably wont see her again untill my official booking in appointment at around 12 weeks. The NHS really does SUCK

Hmmmm i am wondering if there is someone I can phone to get my results now

My first weight loss goal is to lose 21lbs, which is 10% of my body weight
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