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September 21st, 2008, 10:10 AM
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Ok so AF was due the 15/16 range. Last Wednesday I noticed some brownish-red after I went to the bathroom so I figured she was coming. Well it was just that one time I went, and nothing the rest of wednesday, thursday or friday. Yesterday morning I got up to go to the bathroom like I do every morning and there was just red - but hardly any. So I figured by the end of the day the witch would be in full force. Well there has been no more signs of her.

I did POAS Thursday just because I'm a POAS addict. It was of course

I dont know what to think about this because of my pcos + hypothyroid I really doubt I'm pg. I mean OPK's never detected an LH surge and I never had any ewcm - or any cm for that matter. DH & I did bd quite a bit around the time when I should've O'd...and quite a bit this month in general.

Is AF just slow coming to visit? I'm inpatiently waiting because the sooner she comes, the sooner I can get my pcos bloodwork done and my hsg to get the treatment plan going. (metformin + clomid) I just being psycho and reading too much into this? It couldn't possibly be implant bleeding or something could it?

Any advice would be much appreciated


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