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September 22nd, 2008, 02:05 PM
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I guess I'll get this forum started.

A summary of our long journey to have a family:

I'm Candie (33) and DH is Steven (39)
Married in Sept. 2000 - off BCP June 2000
TTC 1 year with family Dr. - 3 rounds Clomid @ 50mg - no O
2001 - 2003 saw RE - b/w, u/s, S/A, normal. Clomid @ 50mg, no O, 100mg O'ed, 150mg stopped mid cycle due to illness.
Dec. 2003 hospitalized for chronic lung condition. Put on high dose Prednisone. Got AF on my own in Jan. (same day I started the Prednisone). End of Feb. 2004 found out I was pg with our "Miracle Baby". DS was born 6 weeks early on 09/18/04 due to pre-eclampsia caused by the Prednisone. After a tumultueous first year he is a thriving 4 year old now with nothing more than a speech delay and mild tick.
Apr. 2006 we got back on the TTC roller coaster to work on baby #2. Of course it wouldn't be that easy.
Apr '06 - Jul '08 - various testing (normal). 6 rounds of Clomid and Metformin, no "O". Adoption options investigated. (Other urological issues got in the way so we had to keep taking TTC breaks while I dealt with those).

This all brings us to where we are now. As you can tell, I am completely annovulatory and IR. I almost never get AF unless she is medically induced. I am also overweight by 100+ pounds and I'm sure this plays a role in our infertility journey although my Dr. has never seen it as an issue. DH's SA is normal. Age is working against us now as I'm soon to be 34 and DH will be 40 in 6 weeks. We have embarked on our first injectibles cycle with timed intercourse.

09/11 - CD1
09/13 - CD3 - estrogen 240, 112.5 units Gonal-F
09/16 - CD6 - estrogen 307, continue same dosage
09/18 - CD8 - estrogen 224, up dosage to 150 units Gonal-F
09/20 - CD10 - estrogen 180, up dosage to 225 units Gonal-F
09/22 - CD12 - u/s showed 4 follies on right measuring less than 9mm and 6 follies on left measuring less than 9mm. However, estrogen 527 (tripled in last 2 days). Stay on same dosage, back for b/w and u/s on 09/24.

Grow follies grow!

That's the summary of the past 8 years. We're really hoping this cycle is the one. I'm most stressed about the time off work as I don't want anyone at work to know what we're doing. I don't like anyone to know what we're doing as I hate the questions.

I must get back to work but I'll type more later.

~~~ Candie ~~~

Actively TTCMA #2 Again (10 yrs total TTC'ing #2 in various stages of MA and NTNP)

Me (40) Annovulatory, PCOS, IR and Type 2 Diabetes, DH (47), DS (11)

"Learning to have faith, think positively, believe in myself and trust in God."
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