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September 23rd, 2008, 11:17 AM
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I finally got my ring from Dwayne!! He had taken 4 days off to be with us. So we went to our cabin in Jasper..I love it there.

Well, we invited some of our friends, and the kids were making smores. its around midnight, and My girl friend says to me Brandy can you help me in the cabin for a min, i need some girl help. I said sure lets go. Well the 1/2 hr that we were in the house, Dwayne and our friends lit candles and drew two hearts in the sand. and in the middle of the sand was our names. in the middle of the hearts was the box with my ring. I started to cry. and Dwayne said "You amaze me more then words itself, you are me and i am you together we stand and never break down. I wish i could marry you over and over again every day, thats how much you mean to me"

I just hugged him and cried even more. Dwayne is a very romantic person sometimes it costs him a pretty penny. but i love it. its nice to be pampered . Anyways....

He picked up the box and slipped the ring on my finger and said I love you. This ring symbols what you and I have went through. There is 5 diamonds in there, each one is for our children. I began to cry even more . its not like me!! there is a diamond for William, Lexi, Alexander, Jaiden, and Makenna

thanks for letting me share my story...Here is the ring! its sooo beautiful!


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