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September 23rd, 2008, 12:28 PM
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Maggie Jo
Feb. 20, 2007
7 lbs 13 oz 20.5 inches

I swear to you Maggie's birth seems so something you'd see on a sitcom. The day before I went into labor, I was told by a nurse "unoffically" that I should drink castor oil to put me into labor, as I was due any day and completely misreable. I tried twice that night before I could get it down. It didn't seem to do any good. Later that night I was up sick, I was up off and on all night long throwing up, so I called off work the next day.

Early that morning, I started feeling crampy and didn't think anything of it b/c I have Endo & PCOS. DH was off that day and didn't think anything of it either, so he left in our only car to go shoot with some friends. I called him about 1:00 and told him I thought I was in labor and he needed to come home. He asked if my water had broke yet and I told him no. While I waited for him to come home I packed my bag-a toothbrush, hairbrush, sock and a camera (was in too much pain to do much else) little did I know I would have time to wait.

About 1 1/2 hours later (2:30) Joe gets home. Of course I was completely dramatic and emotional that he left me home for so long when he was only about 15 minutes away...his only response was "you're not really in labor your water hasn't broke..but we'll go to the hospital" (I'd like to add that DH isn't really an *ss he just doesn't have a clue). We got to the hospital and he parked in the parking lot and made me walk b/c I "wasn't really in labor". I got to the reception desk (forgot to preregister) and there was a line, she told me to put my name on the list and they would be with me shortly. I told her "no I'm in labor and I'm not waiting I'm going upstairs" and off we went.

We got up to the OB floor and the nurses were all "Can we help you" I told them I was in labor and you're not going to believe this everyroom in that dept was full...I had to wait in the waiting room. 1 1/2- 2hours in the friggin waiting room while in labor. Great. When I finally got to the delivery room she checked and said I was dialated to 3cm and waited to a good point to come in. I started to cry...I had been dialated to 3cm for a week.

DH at some point snuck out of the room and called everyone...before we new it my MIL (we don't get a long at all) was in there trying to hold my hand and tell me how great I was doing it wasn't long before I was screaming "get her the F*** out of here!" (still feel a little bad about that) people kept coming in and out of the room how are you they would ask of course I was completly dramitic (which isn't me at all) and say "how the hell do you think I am". I honestly am never like was so weird.

Finally it was time to push about 8:00. I was surprised at how well I was dealing with the pain, I just wasn't dealing well with people. I did have to have oxygen and they had to use a vacuum because I was wore out, and wasn't breathing right ( I didn't take the classes). My DH was so supportive during all of this holding my hand telling me to breath until the doctor said "you can come down here and watch if you want" well that was the end of that he was at my feet watching. The doctor kept patting my leg and saying I know I know...I said "the F*** you do! how do you know? you've never had a baby!" (I also feel bad about this but what man in his right mind would tell a woman in the middle of pushing through a natural child birth that "he knows"). I was very surprised (as many women say) at how your body just takes over...I had no control over my body during this time...the doctor actually at one point yelled at me to stop pushing so I could catch my breath. I told him "I'm not doing it".

About 8:20 our little Maggie was born. They didn't ask Joe if he wanted to cut the cord and he really wanted to. They immediatly took her and cleaned her, etc. As I was passing the after birth my doctor told me "as soon as this is over you can eat anything you want " so I was yelling at my husband that he had 10minutes and he'd better call the China Garden. When the afterbirth passed, the doctor flopped it into a surgical pan splashing blood all over the room and DH's shoes.

I barely got set up and all of our families came rushing in. They passed the baby off to our parents before us. My sister got to feed her first. They were all telling me how dramatic I was and how I was such a baby; they could hear me yelling because the door was never shut they just pulled a curtain. That lasted about 10 minutes and I ordered everyone to "get out". This definitly wasn't the birth we had planned but I wouldn't change it at all, except for our families being there. I wanted this to be our bonding time with our daughter and I feel like we lost that. I was very surprised and dissappointed that the hospital just let everyone come in and out like that.

Coming soon...... Linkin Archer
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