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September 23rd, 2008, 12:50 PM
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I agree though, it is really gross when your water breaks. I always had mine broken for me during labor, but I definitely felt grosser afterwards.[/b]
I had nightmares about my water breaking in the middle of the grocery store or Target. Luckily, I got up to go to the bathroom one morning, and it broke as I sat down on the toilet. I was SOOOO relieved!!! I didn't go to the hospital right away though, I did stuff around the house while I waited for SO to come home from work. There's this continued "gushing" feeling, like you are continuously wetting yourself after almost every movement, I don't even know how many pads I used that morning.

Did anybody else have a slow leak? I'm interested to hear how that feels.

One of my nurses said that that was very normal. She said "Oh, you'll continue to leak fluid until you're completely done with the whole thing."

My best friend had a slow leak. She said it was like when she was on her period. Sort of a constant wet with little gushes. Probably the same as after the initial gush when it breaks.
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