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September 24th, 2008, 08:37 AM
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Here goes....

I am Amy, DH is Steve and DD is Sydnee. Our journey began in 2003. In May 2003 I went off the pill and our TTC journey began. Fast forward to Jan 2004 and we got our first BFP!!! I was so excited. PG moved along like it 11w3d I had my first OB appt. That night I had some brown spotting. Two days later I had an u/s and baby measured 5w2d. I didn't think anything of it. On March 17, 2004 I had a natural miscarriage of my first baby.

In December 2004 we had our second BFP!!!! Again, so excited. I couldn't miscarry won't happen to me!! Right....Nope. In January we had an u/s and there was no hb. D&C was scheduled the next day. After that we started talking about was decided that I would take progesterone by mouth starting on day 16 of my cycle.

Third pregnancy resulted in our DD Sydnee. I had a very eventful pregnancy (8w in the hospital, 4w home on bedrest)....but in the end, I was induced at 38w and Syd was here.

Fourth pregnancy came as a surprise in January 2008. DH and I decided to start trying again when Syd was a yr old and that was in Dec 2007. However, God had other plans and made us pg before we could even start trying. I started the progesterone this time when I got my BFP, so at 4w. We had an u/s at 6w and baby had a very faint hb. It was so faint that they couldn't pick it up, but they could see it. A follow up u/s was scheduled at 8w and that is when we found out that baby had passed at 6w3d. A D&C followed the next day.

I then had a hysterosocopy which turned up nothing, more blood testing which turned up nothing and we went to see a genetist'. More blood tests were ordered along w/chromosomal analysis. Needless to day, we cannot get our OB to write the lab slip corectly....frustrating.

August 2008 we found out that we were pg again. This was a very big surprise to us....We were using the pull and pray method, and obviously it didn't work. Oh well...we were happy, but terrified. This was the first time that when I saw the BFP was started sobbing. I was terrified, scared, happy. I couldn't believe that I was pg. I started taking my progesterone right away. At 6w I had to see my dr to schedule an u/s. So...I saw her that day and she sent me right over for an u/s and bloodwork. I was 6w and some days pg. Everything came back that I had a 4w fetus. Dr thougth that was ok and we would re-check on Sunday my HCG levels. I went from 400 on Friday to 88 on Sunday. Another m/c.

I have since scheduled an appt w/my favorite OB. She is writing the lab slip for our testing. She also put a note in my chart so that I don't have to fill out all of the paperwork and go thru the crap of seeing the dr before they will schedule an u/s and do my beta #'s. That made me feel good....And she also stated that depending on what we find w/the new testing she may send us to an RE. Not sure if that will happen or not, but we are game.

DH and I think that we will try one more time. If it happens, it does. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I say one more time, but my mind may change. It is not set in stone.

That is our story...there is a lot of emotions in there that I didn't write about. Most of you know the emotions that we go thru...I am the same. Most of the time I feel alone in my pain...unless I come here. You guys understand and that is what makes me ok.
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