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September 24th, 2008, 04:57 PM
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Thank you Britt. I needed a hug. I dont know why im on such a baby kick right now. I am so not in the position to be prego right now anyways.

Sorry you googled her lmao, shoulda just asked. Im so not into porn but I do know who she is thanks to chad hahaha [/b]

Yeah, it didn't occur to me to just ask. = And the bad part was I did an image search, because I'm better with faces than names. >_<

I just had to post about it, because she has been in our shoes, and it's truly a miracle to get pregnant when you didn't think you could. [/b]

That's true. I wouldn't ever want to say someone didn't deserve a child based solely on their occupation. However, I am wondering the same as Eleysia. What's she going to say when her 3 year olds ask what her job is?
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