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September 26th, 2008, 07:23 AM
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photos... take lots of pictures. I have a few of labor and delivery and of course a bunch of photos of Kate as a newborn... but I still wish there were more. So thats my advice, take lots of pictures... even if you don't think you'll ever share them with anyone... take them.[/b]
I ditto that! I have no pictures because DH was downstairs looking after DD the whole time.. I should have planned it with him that he comes up and checks in on us and take a few picture every now and then!

If you feel like you're being "watched" by people (your midwife, family, whoever) leave the room or have them leave. Make sure YOU are comfortable. You're not there as THEIR hostess on birth day! It's OK to go off alone when you need to.[/b]
LOL I had the blinds opened in my room during the whole birth process and insteda of asking people to close them I spent most of my pushing phase worrying about how much people outside could see!

I made a GREAT steak fajita while I was in labor...actually about an hour & a half before I actually had Liberty. I say...go light if you need to on food but if you want...have a big ol' protein filled meal! I enjoyed cooking for myself during labor. Oh...make sure you have food you LOVE for after the birth. You're going to be REALLY hungry afterwards (well, I was each time!). For some reason my favorite thing to eat after birth are bagels and cream cheese (not usually my fave) and fruit. Make sure you have lots of favorites around when you go into labor or send out someone to get stuff! Have plenty of food for your midwife and helpers...they need plenty of energy too, esp. if it's a LONG labor.[/b]
I sent DH out to buy some steaks and had him cook them on the barbecue... I ended up throwing up my whole supper while in transition... but still... I'm glad I had something heavy in my stomach to throw up... with my first birth I felt the need to throw up and had nothing in my stomach... which made it a lot more uncomfortable!!
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