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September 27th, 2008, 12:32 AM
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I still dont have Internet at the house, so my times on here are limited, unfortunately.

STILL no baby and going on three days passed my due date....sigh...I am the most miserable I have been in a LONG time.

My cervix has not done a thing in 3-4 weeks at the last OB appt, my doc checked me again and told me no progress and that my cervix is soft enough for an induction, but barely dilated to a 2-if that, and only 50% effaced for weeks. I begged him to induce me...but because my cervix is so high up, he says that he can't get up there with the amniohook to even break my water and that if he induced me then, I would have an increased risk of having a section due to failure to progress or failed induction.

SOOO...Next OB appt is scheduled for the 29th Monday. So I should be having him sometime this coming week. He said he wont let me go past 41 weeks for whatever that is worth. Thats we will see. I may get the option of a section due to not being a 'good candidate' for induction or maybe my cervix decided to take some sort of action...

I am so frustrated!!!!!! Someone shoot me now! That is all I have on this end...I think I am THE LAST person to go that was due in September. And now, his birthday will be in October....

I will update again on Monday after my OB appt and when I have a real date...AHHHHHHHH!
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