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September 27th, 2008, 06:14 PM
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Does anyone else have a lot of cramping when BFing?? Mine just started the last two nights now when I nurse Josiah before bed. I almost feel as if I could start AF with the cramping I'm having...It'd be nice if AF showed her face!

Josiah nursed today 6AM, 9AM, 1PM (if you call it nursing, he played with my NIP cover and wasn't on boob but 2mins) 3PM, 6PM and now before bed @ 8PM. I am feeding him solids so he is going longer and he slept from 8PM til 4AM this morning (yay for sleeping again!).

ETA: I checked my cervicial fluid tonight and its real lotiony/creamy..but my stomach is cramping like I'm on my period. I POAS and its BFN!
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