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September 28th, 2008, 05:48 AM
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So on Friday around 5:30 I coughed a little and felt a trickle..opps I tinkled on myself is what I thought, so I stood up went to the bathroom and my pants were pretty wet, I did not think anything about it, changed cloths washed up went to get new pants, and trickled again, so then I was like ok prolly not..I went and layed down for maybe a half hour and then trickled some more, I was really convinced I was peeing myself..I guess I was just not ready. It kept happening and gotten more like gushes, so I knew my water was broke, I called my mom to take me, and then called dh off work. When I got to the hospital my Doctor was coming on the elevator I was getting off, so he turned around and took me to triage. The nurse tested me for amniotic fluid and sure nuff I had ruptured. So I went into L&D and they put me on the monitors and got me all hooked up. They were not picking up any contractions at all and I was not feeling any contractions either. So the my doctor comes in to check me, and I am 4 1/2 cm he puts me on internal contraction and fetal monitors, and I am actually having contractions 2 mins apart lasting 90 seconds apiece. I was not feeling these at all until after he examined me (which really brought some contractions on). My doctor does not play around and ordered an epidural, pitocin and antibiotics he did not want me to have a long labor, due to Nathans prematurity. I was feeling some cramping in my back and lower belly but nothing painful. The anesthesiologist came in, and putting the epidural in was not painful nor was it pleasant I just did not like the way it felt. When my legs went so numb that I could not move them I did not really like that either, but I knew it was better than the alternative. I itched ALOT and struggled to roll over like they needed me to because I had no control over my lower half. Around 6am the nurse came and checked me and I was only at a 6, moving way to slow. My doctor comes in to check me one more time before his shift change and there is no change, he ups my pitocin, and the baby's heart starts decelerating so they decrease it, but the decelerations continue. So shift change and I get another doctor who I have not met, and two new nurses. These people were a Godsend, I can't stress that enough. The new doctor checks me and I am at a 6 1/2 and he is not happy that I have already been in labor over 12 hours at this point. So he ups the pitocin, and there are more decels in the baby's heartrate. Around this time I started feeling my legs more and more, I also started feeling tons of pressure, which I was actually pleased to feel something. But I was not pleased when the pain started. It was in my bottom literally in the bottom and it tugged and burned and just plain hurt. So the nurse had me to hit the button on the epi to release a drop, but that was not helpful, my contractions were coming 40 seconds apart lasting a min and they hurt, I so wanted my numbness back. The nurse paged the anesthesiologist to come and check the epidural, and she checked me said I was at a 8 and looking great. The babys heartrate kept dipping lower and lower and the contractions were harder and harder quick and close on top of each other, they rushed in when they lost Nathans heartrate to find me complete and ready, his heartrate was dangerously low with each contraction, they turned the epidural completly off and the doctor rushed in broke down my bed and NICU set up a table waiting for the baby to come. I was so scared and so was Dustin (dh) he was shaking and trying to be supporative but we knew the baby was in danger. I pushed for 10-15 mins and I pushed hard I could feel everything, the doctors and nurses were wonderful coaches and helped me get Nathan out. The atempted to used a vacum on Nathan but it kept popping off. I pushed as hard I could and for as long as I could. And Nathan came out screaming it was wonderful, but he as pale and not breathing good, due to prematurity and the heart decelarations so they cleaned him up and let me kiss him took him off to NICU. I tore and got two stiches pushing him out so quickly, if I had not they were going to do an emergency c-section and Im so blessed to have avoided that. My labor was scary and still seems like a dream, I cant tell you how much I love my son. When they finally let me hold him yesterday I knew I wanted to hold him the rest of my life.

Every up and every down I have been through with this pregnancy, was all worth it, every single one.

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