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September 28th, 2008, 11:49 AM
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over the summer, i became pregnant, unexpectedly, but lost the baby. i'm still nursing my 2.5 year old, and i'm a mother to two, so i never imagined i could get weeks into my pregnancy without suspecting a thing. i was just wondering if anyone had experienced a pregnancy while breastfeeding, and if you lacked certain symptoms you had in other pregnancies, because of the nursing??

my nipples never darkened, i didn't have the extreme soreness/swelling (probably because they were bigger than normal from the milk, anyhow) that were such giveaways in my prior pregnancies.

i have baby fever right now, but it's NOT the time for me to get pregnant, and i know and accept that. however, having gotten pregnant back in june, i'm a little paranoid that it's going to happen again, and i won't know. my cycles are so irregular, i never thought anything was out of place, when i missed two periods.

any thoughts? i took a negative test the other day, and am spotting VERY lightly today, and just enough to notice it yesterday, too. in mid-august, my first post-loss AF started out with several days of very strang,e irregular spotting, and then AF lasted 2 weeks. i am just all screwed up right now, and scared that i could get pregnant again, and once again, not realise it, because of the BFing. *IS* i9t from the BFing, even? i have so many questions!!
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