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September 28th, 2008, 01:58 PM
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Well as thought my u/s this morning did not confirm much growth. I have one follie that is almost 10mm and 2 that are 9mm, the rest are less than that. The Dr. does not want to continue with the injections since it's been 15 days already (I'm on CD18) and there has been no significant improvement this week. My estrogen did go up a little over night but it's still fluctuating too much.

So the plan now is to take the Ovidrel shot tonight since I have it because "you never know" they said. I'll go back next Sunday for a progesterone draw to see if I did ovulate. If not, I need to see my RE to decide the next treatment course, if I do then I go back for the pregnancy b/w the following weekend. At least I don't have to go in early during the week. I'm really tired after driving in and out of town (1.5 hours round trip) every day for the last 6 days.

I was also a little shocked today when I asked about PCOS and was told I have a "textbook case". My RE had checked me for PCOS before (I think it was before my DS) and said I didn't have it. When speaking with the nurse she said I had everything - the shape of my ovaries, LOTS of tiny follies, annovulatory and 2 abnormal hormones (androgen and testosterone). I had always thought I might have it but since my RE had said no before I never pursued it. I know when I was going through fertility treatments for my DS my testosterone back then was normal. I can't help wondering if the high dose steroids I was on for 2 years affected that permanently (as they did deepen my voice).

Oh well, I guess that's something to discuss with my RE when I see him. For now I'm a little numb but I'll deal with it. To top off today it turns out my SIL is having a c-section at 3pm to deliver her twins.

I'm really tired with Dr's being intrigued because I'm a challenge (long story relating to a previous lung illness that almost killed me and complicated pregnancy). I just want something to be "normal".
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