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September 28th, 2008, 08:01 PM
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Sorry ladies, for going MIA on you this weekend and I don't expect to be online tomorrow either. I was supposed to have had a relaxing & fun weekend, looking forward to a family get together on Saturday, and then my Mom was going to stay with us for a couple of weeks. Instead, we've been at the hospital all of yesterday & today, and again tomorrow.

To make a long story short, my Mom has multiple health issues. She started having heart problems in the last year, and during Labor Day weekend she ended up being hospitalized down where she lives with my youngest brother. After they did their tests down there, her doctor wanted her to see a Cardiologist, but there wasn't any one close (maybe one 3 hours away). Her doc gave her permission to come up here and visit me for a couple of weeks as long as she took it easy and in the meantime he was going to search for the closest doctor and hospital down where they live for her to have her heart checked out. Mom lives in a very rural area (I call it the boondocks). Saturday morning (up here) Mom started having severe chest pains and the nitro pills weren't working so they transported her to a hospital here. She didn't have a heart attack, but it could have turned into one. So basically it comes down to they are going to do the test up here that her doctor was wanting to do down there, a Cardiac Catherization, to look at the heart & arteries and they can fix a blockage if they find one at the same time. They'll be doing this tomorrow morning, and if they don't find anything then she can come home with me tomorrow evening. If they do a stint or balloon, she'll be staying another day or so and then she can come home with me.

I was looking forward to having some Mom time, but spending it at the hospital wasn't quite what I had in mind. But since I've always got to find something to laugh at & keep my spirits up, I do have to admit this is keeping my mind so occupied that this 2WW is flying by and I'm not obsessing over any symptoms right now.

Take care all of you, and I'll update when I can.

Thanks Jaidynsmum for another perfect siggy!!
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