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September 30th, 2008, 02:41 PM
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So I called DD's BIO father today. The only way to contact him is at his work. So we actually had a civil conversation..but it wasn't about much at all. Untill i asked if is out of the hotel he was in and in a stable home. He said yes then i asked if he wants to be in hollyanns life or wants to see her. He said Of course i do. . Then i asked when do you want to see her? He said I DONT KNOW because he works saturdays (Which i know for a fact is volunteerly). So he goes i have people i'll call u later. And im like so when do... AND HE HUNG UP!. Typically if he says he will call you would be like okay bye. ALTHOUGH he has said that before. and never CALLED. heck, i dont know if he even remembers my number!. He knows we are doing well for ourself so he doesn't care!. I complainned to shaun about this. He tells me let him call and make the effort (Which i agree.. ). I dont plan to call him ever again. Im so sick of "trying" for my daughter to see her BIO dad which he obvossly has NO interest in my beautiful,sweet,well behaved child!. And at this point if he doesn't want her then he doesn't need to be in her life *ever*. Once the holidays come he better not think he can have her. Because i wont let him. Shes MINE. and i will take her on each holiday period!. His family thinks..or did think he was standing up and taking her every other weeked. I will NEVER understand how a guy cannot want to see his OWN child. Im so annoyed by this. Shaun tells me we are much better off without him and we have our own life. Which is true. At lease i shouldnt have to deal with his crap. Once im done with school i want Hollyanns BIO father to sign over his RIGHTS! Im very much ranting!.
But this is what i want to happen. Im sure ive said it before also...
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