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October 1st, 2008, 01:30 AM
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sorry you had such a crappy experience with dd bio. I know exactly how you feel about wanting to kinda push a relationship for your DD and her BIO Dad. I tried to do the exact same thing. Just like yours, DF assured me that she is doing well off and if he wants anything to do with her than let him be the one to push. It took a minute for me to stop but I did and I just had to ACCEPT that when DD is older, SHE will see the situation through her own eyes. That being said, I never denied DD seeing her dad, holidays (easter,christmas, and thanksgiving) he will have her half the day, if he asks for her but I call the shots on the other holidays. Halloween is around the corner and I am taking her out. I know he is going to be upset but he denied me having her on mothers day weekend therefore I have become a lil more strict on holiday visitation, as far as him giving up his rights, I WISH!!! I know he will never do it because when I suggested it a while back, he said he feared how people will look at him. nothing about how his daughter would look at him. hm...just goes to show ya!
Good luck with ya lady...I will keep you in my prayers

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