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October 2nd, 2008, 08:09 AM
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Thank you ladies!!! Im sorry you guys went through this also!
He knows we are well off.. but we may have enough money ( i get like 500 from Child support a month from him.. give or take). And its nolt about the MONEY its about hollyanns life. WHICH he doesn't care. But his parents are PUSHING to have a "meeting" but i feel its POINTLESS!. He kept telling his parents im "holding" hollyann back from him! Such a lie! Thats all he does!. I know he told me before he would sign over his rights!. So im pretty sure he will. I mean him and hollyann have NO type of relationship period. The only reason i can only think of for him NOT to sign over is because of his parents and he would only do it simply to please them. He is Bi polar. And doesnt know what he wants... goes from home to home. He is very unstable!. All he cares about is his job and him HIM HIM!
but thank you so much ladies!!!
Im glad im not alone! I better get going. I have to go do some shopping!!!
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