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October 3rd, 2008, 01:18 PM
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"I think if you saw one of these babies in this situation, you'd change your tune. It's not a situation where you hold a beautiful, cooing baby as it drifts off into a peaceful sleep. Most of the time, the baby is screaming a horrible scream the likes of which you've never heard (or cannot scream at all), cannot be touched or held because to do so would cause pain or because the state of the baby is such that it just can't be touched, is deformed with organs visible, and turning purple from crying and screaming and from pain, and looks to be having countless, brain rattling seizures where the baby flips so that it's head touches it's feet, or they have actual seizures that are so forceful they break their own necks. In cases where that's not happening, the baby is a non-conscious, flacid, limp doll, which still can't be held, and will never open its eyes to see anything.

In a situation like this, a lot of people have the realization that the biggest act of love that one can carry out is to set aside their own desire to hold onto the life of a baby that won't stay and where every moment is immesurable agony, and just let the baby go. You think it's ironic to let something die in the name of mercy, where I bet those people would find it ironic or selfish to encourage suffering and pain in the name of love, so the parents can hold a baby.

Really, nobody can ever really know what they'll do in this situation until they're there. It's so easy to say that you'd never, ever, ever, ever do it, but when you see a baby who's brain is divided in half by it's own skull on an ultrasound, and then you hear the fate for that child... It's enough of a shock to change opinions. "

So, you're saying that sticking scissors in the back of their head, thus killing them and sucking their BRAINS out, makes their condition more enjoyable?? I don't think so. I don't care HOW MUCH PAIN your child is in, thats YOUR child. If they HAVE to be "put out of their misery", do it in a humane way, with an injection that wouldn't be painful. Not jamming scissors in their skulls. Wow.

"What I do today must be important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it."
-Author Unknown

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