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October 4th, 2008, 01:31 AM
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Tonight i woke up at like 2:45 and realized that i was sleeping on my back.. which is weird for me right now! so i start to just roll over and go back to sleep.. when i also realize that i am not feeling any movement from Ebaby.. which is weird because being on my back usually gets the baby going a lot.. so then i of course start to panic that maybe i was asleep on my back for too long and the baby didnt get enough oxygen and ive lost the baby.... I know i wont be able to sleep so i get up and go sit on the couch.. drink cold water, and wiggle and poke my tummy a ton... nothin! im starting to panic and already mentally preparing myself for the visit id have to make to my Dr.s tomorrow where they wouldnt find the heart beat etc... I get up.. walk around.. grab something to eat.. sit back down.. FINALLY at about 3:10 i get the squiggles and kicks ive been waiting for... i was soooooooo releived... I know over the next couple of weeks.. and even through the delivery when the heart monitor loses the heart beat for a few minutes.. I will have many moments of fear and panic... i dont know what it is about the end of pregnancy but it just brings sooo many fears out!

So if you happen to think of me through out the day please send some prayers up for my Ebaby to keep on "kicking" ..... i cant wait to hold this baby in my arms and watch its little chest move up and down!

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