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October 4th, 2008, 09:40 AM
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We just recently met a guy that is working for my dad (in CONSTRUCTION, no less!) that also has tetralogy of fallot. He's 26. The doctors told his parents he wouldn't live beyond age 17. He goes to church with my dad most weeks, and Maddie just loves him. I almost wonder if she somehow just feels a connection-YKWIM? He's really a nice guy-he wants children but hasn't found the right woman, and his love of little ones shows. It's also really encouraging to just know him. Here's a guy with the same defect as my daughter-and he's proving the doctors more wrong every single day. He has really bad scarring-they went in through the chest once (and removed his sternum!) and they went in through the shoulder blade/side-that scar is really big! I'm glad they've gotten more advanced!
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