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October 4th, 2008, 10:30 AM
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I TOTALY agree with the other girls. We are greatful for the babies that we are carring but of course theres going to discomfortes and why should we not be able to complain about them on a pregnancy board. I would never go over there and complain because i respect them but it should go the same why from them. Every woman is going to have complaints about being pg weather it be that they cant feel their feet anymore or cant bend over anymore but that comes with the whole pg jounrey. As much as I am uncomfortable and cant wait to be done I know I do it all again in a heartbeat. In my opinion if we didnt go through what we go through while pg then the outcome wouldnt be a special. No one should feel that they cant express how their feeling for fear of hurting others. No matter what people say theres always going to be someone who takes it differently then it was mean to be taken but that is their choice. Just know that you can talk about however your feeling here Brittanie and we will never put you down for it. We know how badly want this baby and know that your going to have off days just like the rest of us but that doesnt make you a bad person not at all or we would all be for complaining. We all you here and are here to listen ALWAYS. Lots of hon.

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