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October 4th, 2008, 10:35 AM
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I dont see anything wrong with you wanting to reconize your angel. Even though she isnt here with you doesnt mean she isnt any less part of your family. I dont do the stocking for Samantha or the other baby but only because I never thought about it but I do light candles for them and have an ordament on the tree for samantha. We all do our own little things to remember our angels. It can be hard for someone like your sister to completely understand it when she hasnt gone through it personally but dont let anyone make you feel wrong for reconizing your angel. About DH isnt kind of hard for the guys to truely understand it because they didnt really get to feel the bond of the baby when we're the ones carrying them. I would say do what makes you happy in your heart to include Cora and dont let anyone try to make you feel silly for doing it.

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