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October 4th, 2008, 08:15 PM
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I'm pretty sure I'm out this cycle. I started spotting last night and it has continued all day today. It is a little odd in that I rarely ever spot before AF arrives. I got a little excited at first yesterday thinking it might be implantation bleeding, but I think that usually only occurs for a little while not over a day. And then my temp dropped this morning too, so I fully expect to wake up tomorrow with AF on my doorstep. I'm a little down about it as I had my hopes up for this cycle, and I really wanted to be able to share the good news of a BFP with my Mom while she was up here with us and was looking forward to greeting my Mother-in-law with the news when she came back home from Greece (on Oct 22nd). I know they'll be thrilled whenever we get pg, so I guess it's just me that's extra disappointed this cycle. DH could tell it bothered me more and was a sweetie all day to me. Oh well, it's on to the next cycle for us. I already have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Monday as he wants to do an u/s each month to monitor the cysts on my ovaries before prescribing another round of clomid. He'll be upping my dose to 150mg this cycle, so maybe that'll be the dosage to work for us. After this last round if we're not successful then we'll be switching insurance plans that will be effective on January 1st. The new plan will cover infertility costs more then the current plan so we've decided if we don't get pg off the clomid with my current insurance and doctor, we will switch plans and then wait for a couple of months before seeing a RE and go from there.

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