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October 5th, 2008, 07:42 AM
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I'm just sort of lurking here Brittanie (I'm bored at work and my usual forums are dead lol), but I think the stocking idea is lovely. Cora was a baby, Cora is an angel, why shouldn't she deserve her own stocking?

Maybe something else you could do, is start a collection for Erin, something small like teddy bear figurines or something like that, and put it in Cora's stocking but address it to Erin from Cora. Just something small and sweet.. but would keep the stocking from being empty come Christmas Morning (which personally would make me super sad, but I'm a sap like that).

I hope you post a pic of the stocking when it's done, I would love to see it (and since I stalk the SB forum, I'd probably find it lol).
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