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October 5th, 2008, 08:39 AM
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Things are so extremely frustrating here. For the last 3-4 weeks, I have been picking her up from school on Thurs, taking her Friday then picking her up from school on Friday. Which means that I am just hanging out in the town that she goes to school for 7 hours until she gets out of school. She stays through Monday so I get up and take her to school on Monday. This is really starting to wear on me. I have to get her up at 5:30 and we have to leave by 6 a.m. to get her to school on time.

I am not sure what to do. Should I just tell her mom, no or should I continue to do all of this and then go back to court when we can next year and try to get custody with the documentation of how often we have her?

Also, when her mom picks her up from school she is leaving her in an afterschool program until 6 p.m. almost every day. She obviously does not want her living there. We are truely at a loss here.

We got a call last Wed around 9 p.m. that they were having pizza with dad's at her school on Thurs (the next night). This last minute notice stuff is really starting to irritate me.
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