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October 5th, 2008, 11:53 AM
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If they HAVE to be "put out of their misery", do it in a humane way, with an injection that wouldn't be painful. Not jamming scissors in their skulls. Wow.[/b]
If something is seriously wrong (and finding out late in your pregnancy means a partial birth/abortion) and the child has to be put to "sleep",why cant they find a way that causes the baby no pain or suffering?
Even criminals are put to death using the lethal injection (which is said to put them to sleep before stopping their heart so that they dont suffer).Why should an inocent unborn baby suffer such an awful death????
I have to say that I STRONGLY disagree. I understand that both of you are saying there are more merciful ways to kill someone but I find it very disturbing. We put dogs to sleep - we put horses to sleep - you don't KILL a person to put them out of their misery. Even the euthanasia laws that have been passed are only allowed when the person themselves decides they want to die. I am against euthanasia but recognize that those laws don't even go so far as to give ANOTHER PERSON the right to decide to kill someone.
If you can put a brand new baby "out of their misery" why stop there? why not a toddler? why not a ten year old? It seems like if parents now should have the right to decide if their child is in too much pain to live and should be killed than that decision should continue as long as that child is in their care right??

There is a huge difference between allowing somebody to die and then actively killing them. And I do recognize that if you are going to kill someone there is difference between a violent murder and a mercy killing but I just wanted to point out that both is still killing and even with how far our society has slipped the general believe is still that you can't kill even out of "mercy"

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