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October 5th, 2008, 12:33 PM
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I understand that both of you are saying there are more merciful ways to kill someone but I find it very disturbing.[/b]
Im not saying that ..if you go back to my first post on this debate,youŽll see that I stongly disaree with this procedure.To me,its murder and I dont see how any woman could think its ok what ever her situation.If I had a say in the matter,the women who have this done should be arrested as they leave the clinic,and the doctors who actually do this should have a teaste of their own medicine.
What I meant with my last post is that I dont know how partial birth abortions are legal,because even criminals are killed in what the "profesionals" call a humane manner,So how can a doctor or mother-to-be look at this procedure and not think that its cruel and in-humane.kwim?

To me,the fact that its even an option to have this done so late in a pregnancy is disturbing to me.

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