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October 5th, 2008, 12:56 PM
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Oy I feel for you. My ex (Lucy's bio dad) is bipolar as well. That is a handful. He's not stable now nor has he been for the last 4 years. In the beginning he wanted to have Lucy every other weekend (she was 2 when we split). He thought he was father of the year When in reality she didn't even know him when he was living in the same house. He never participated.

Anyhoo for us it was a long battle but now he has given up his parental right. My current Dh is adopting her. The adoption will be final the end of this month. I can't remember if you are in the States or not but in most States you can't give up your parental rights unless there is someone there willing to adopt her. And there are all types of rules around that.

I hope your ex will be willing to do that some day. Sounds like you SO may be willing to fill the role when the time comes.

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