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October 5th, 2008, 01:50 PM
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Hey Melissa!! THat's awesome you want a home birth...good luck convincing DH

what do you do after? After the birth my midwife will do any needed stitching, cleaning up the water tub, checking the babys stats, etc.

do you go to the hospital to get checked? nope, no need, unless of complications or something

would you get in trouble with the law if you didnt? Nope

would you still get the birth certificate through the hospital?
You can get a birth certificate but I believe it's through the county/city, at least that is how it is done here, you hvave 10 days after birth to sumbit necessary paper work that my midwife gives to us.

would they keep you and the baby the normal amount of time or just check you and send you home? I have no I mentioned my midwife checks both you and baby after the birth and there's usually no need to go to the hospital. (After 24 hours they come back to check on you...and then after 72 hours they recommend taking the baby to see a pedi)

I know a lot of midwifes are certified in giving IVs, oxygen, stitching, administering anti-hemorrhaging meds/herbs, etc.

Hope this helped you some.

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