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October 5th, 2008, 07:17 PM
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okay so i really want a homebirth but hubby will not budge on it

so my last birth was really fast and i was thinking if it goes fast this time i'll just take forever getting ready and oops the babies already coming,too late to go to the hospital

what do you do after?

do you go to the hospital to get checked? would you get in trouble with the law if you didnt? would you still get the birth certificate through the hospital? would they keep you and the baby the normal amount of time or just check you and send you home?[/b]
If you go the unassisted route some woman choose not to go to the hospital to get check not in less there was an emergency. Some just schedule a visit with their pediatrician or family doctor within 3 days of the baby's birth. If you go to the hospital there is a strong chance they will try to keep you (to monitor you and the baby). I even read one mother say the hospital said that since the baby wasn't born in a sterile place they wanted to keep him or her for observation to make sure everything was okay. If you stayed in the hospital after your UC they would do all the paper work to help you get the birth certificate. i can't say how long they would make you stay. i'm guessing if they checked you and the baby (and did the necessary paper work) you could sign yourself out early but they might give you a hard time about that as well.
I had alot of those same questions as you did when i first thought about going that route. Dh didn't like that whole idea and it seemed like too much work. So i finally found a CNM who does homebirth and dh is on board for everything !! Good luck !!!

Just wanted to add that you could find more info about this on on the unassisted childbirth section !!

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