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October 6th, 2008, 08:08 AM
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Yeah.. he has tried many things with me. I actually have an update!
So after typing all that. He called me asking to take her next weeked! . I know the ONLY reason he even wants to see her is because i talked to his mom & dad because they been wanting to see her of course! Which we get along great! Its my EX that makes everything so complcated!. So he calls my cell ( he doesnt have our house number!) Left a messge saying he will take her next weeked ( this comming weeked) He just ASSUMES! And i told him i dont feel comtable with him taking hollyann the WHOLE weeked with out seeing her in over 4 months!!! . I tried to explain to him that he is a complete STRANGER to hollyann. And that i refuse to let him go in & out of her life!! Like he has the past year 1/2. He just rudely interuptes me and says WELL I AM HER FATHER. I told him , No. your her BIO father, Yes! But you have NO part of her life!. i said do you even know if she is allergic to anything? do you know any foods she likes/dislikes? And he tried to say to me that he is "friends" with her doctor and he fixes his car all the time/. OMG such a lie! Because he lives 45 minutes away from her doctors!!!!!!! . I told him to stop lieing. And he tried to tell me that he has called my case worker LAST 3 DAYS!!! he called ONCE on the 30th to make sure the payment went through. I even asked my case worker! Well simple as that he isn't taking her!. He then decided to say that i just live with shaun for nothing and that people normally work for a living! I told him im taking a parparing class for my LPN degree which is in JAN!. Im a SAHM with hollyann. But she is a fulltime job in general!. He doesnt understand that. Shaun thinks its best im home!. My ex is pissed because we have a house. and im happy he just wants me to e miserable like he is!. Shaun think my ex is a joke. I agree. But either way he isnt taking her. And my ex said that he is going to stop child support . Which he can't! . Oh he also said"by law" I cant hold hollyann away from him cause he is paying. Again not true. He thinks he has some sort of rights towards her. Which he doesnt! I even called to make sure im OK. And im right on everything!. He has no rights period of her. So he basically cant do anything! He just threats me all the time! . Anyways he tells me he is gunna take me to court and get full custody. Which he can't he is never in his life!. He sees her once every 4 months!. He only called me cause i was talking to his parents and they want to see her. To bad. They even emailed me saying that they are glad we are talking and he is bringing her next weeked!!....he must of lied to them again. Cause all we did really was fight! I dont feel he needs to be in and out of her life. And i refuse to let this happen. Grr... But thats ..that!
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