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October 6th, 2008, 08:27 AM
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Oh no! Im so sory nothing is better! This is rediculous!!!!!!..This is such a hard decision!. It sounds like DSD is with you mainly!. This poor girl!. I feel like her BIO mother is using you guys so she doesn't have to do much. Which is rediculous!. I think what i'd do is write down everything thats going on . On paper. so its documented. Write each day!. For the courts. And if you choose to keep doing this write each day. And this would look really good for the courts to keep dsd fulltime. If thats what you guys are hoping for.... It such a hassle now but it possibly could help in the long run.... but again soo up to you. im so sorry your going through this. Such a hard decision it would be hard for me too!!! Gooodness!!!! Im praying for you guys!!!!!
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