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October 6th, 2008, 12:14 PM
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Every time I get to the point and think "I am so TIRED of going out of my way for her", I try to remember that it will just help us get custody later. "See judge, we had to fill her gas tank and buy clothes for DSD to have at her house. We picked DSD up when mom was out of money and without a place to go. We had to take DSD to the eye dr after telling mom a year before that DSD had to go. She has a lazy eye now because of it."

Just try to keep that in mind every time you are tired of waking up early, driving out of your way, staying in a strange town until school is out, getting last minute phone calls for school events. YOU are there for DSD. YOU are being a great mom. DSD will realize this sooner or later and love YOU even more for it. I hope things work out.

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