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October 7th, 2008, 10:02 AM
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Dani- Thanks so much for the advice! That is forsure something i want to avoid. If he wants to be in her life he can. No problems. What i have a problem with is him going in & out of her life when he feels like it. I dont want hollyann to go through that.The only times in the last 9 months he has took her is when he was going to his parents. Simple as that.And that was two times. But if wanted her every other weeked type of deal Im perfectly fine with it as long as he follows through. Which he has not. I wouldnt keep hollyann from him. But if he is serious about being in her life he can slowly get into her life again KWIM???. Like i was thinking to start is have her for a couple hours.. then gradually go from there. I refuse to let him take her for a whole weeked. Which you ladies agree with me so that makes me feel my decision is right. Shaun also agrees with me. so do my parents. His parents on the other hand dont?? i dont think they are understanding..they juust want their son to have her so they can see her KWIM?? type of thing. And we will see... I dont want hollyann think im taking him away. But he is making it all so difficult. I know eventually someday she will see right through him like i have. He just lies lies about everything. and i can se this happen... he will say he will have her for a weeked and she will be excited of course... then he will cancel..and break my poor daughters heart!. I could see this happen quite a bit. I mean he already does it. I try to protect her from him. but i do know she needs to learn how he is.. It will be soo heart breaking to see her cry about this.. KWIM?
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