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October 7th, 2008, 10:50 AM
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I believe I have developed Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction which is when too much relaxin is releasing your pubic bones too far apart and causing major strain on ligaments. This has been my second night in a row where I can't sleep from it, waking to only find some comfort in sitting up. I can't do any chores any more and even getting to the bathroom is a total hassle. I have a midwife and worked with her and some stretches, even with to see her chiropractor twice with no relief. I don't think he knew really what was wrong with me and was giving me leg opening type stretches to do. I ended up emailing a regular OB as well just to get insight. She told me to take Tylenol and even went as far to ask me if I want a vicodin prescription. Tylenol is as far as I'd take this now but I feel so bad for baby. Being that I want a natural birth, this seems like "drugs" to me. I know labor will be so much more painful but it won't last as long as this pain has! I've had it for months but the last month it has gotten progressively worse. It almost feels like some one took a sledge hammer to my pelvic bone. I'm 31 weeks so I have about two months left to go. I've been taking baths every morning, used a hot water bottle sparingly, tried cold compresses, and use a birth ball to sit on during the day too. That gave me relief during the day but not at night when laying on my side crushes my hips together. I used a body pillow for a while but with what I have read on the disorder its between to keep your legs together and not parted.


So, should I be feeling guilty for thinking of taking tylenol? Did any other natural birthers here take it during their pregnancy?
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