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October 7th, 2008, 04:59 PM
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I've taken it when needed, but Tylenol doesnt' really do anything for me, so most times I just suffered through it.

Here's a website I found with some advice for that condition:

I've always heard to put a pillow between your knees at night, I would think knees together would put more stress on those joints, In fact i think I had a mild case of it towards the end of my pregnancy and took to sleeping on the couch. The back of our couch has a double "pillow" on the back part and I'd wedge one knee between the two and it helped a TON.[/b]

It seems like some people a pillow helps, some it doesnt. Today I cant barely spread my legs an inch with out it hurting so a pillow is out! Im on the couch in a nest of pillows as well. It helps to have that extra support on the back to keep you propped up on your side better. I hate to be here for two months though!

I kinda think Tylenol might not do much for me either.

Cheryl - I will go google neuro-muscular massage therapist now. I also have a regular physical therapist appointment through my medical for next week. I would go back to the chiropractor too if I felt I had SOME relief from it but I walked out still with the stabbing pain both times.
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