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October 8th, 2008, 08:35 AM
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I am Ashley (30) and DH is Nathan (31). We have been TTC since January 08 after being on BC for 8 years. This is my 10th month off, and I still have varying cycles. This is the break down:

Cycle 1-35 days
2-38 days
3-29 days (yay, a normal one. Maybe I am getting back to normal!)
4-28 days (woo-hoo, that's two months in a row)
5-36 days (Maybe not!)
6-27 days (what the heck)
7-35 days
8-29 days
9-?? (current cycle)

I wrote all that to let you know that you are definitely not alone. The most important things are that you are ovulating and that you have a normal length Luteal Phase (time from ovulation to AF or BFP). You Luteal phase needs to at the least 11 days, although I have heard that if it is less than 12 you need to point that out to your doctor (if TTC, which is the case here).

Anyway, welcome! I am also one of your co-hosts....with Aaron Nicole. If you have any questions, let one of us know (or anyone else for that matter). The ladies of this board are the BEST!!

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