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October 8th, 2008, 09:20 AM
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I cant make blinkies... but do you think I could get one about nursing while pregnant. Im kinda snarky, so it doesnt have to be sweet. [/b]
I can't make them either. I went over to Blinkies R Us and asked the co-host for those. You have to go over there because these ladies are amazing. There is a whole subforum, Blinkie stash where you might find others that interest you. (I've been meaning to go lurkering there because I think there are more blinkies that would fit in here.)

Also, I have no idea how to make siggies but there is a whole area for that too. Siggies R Us did mine.

For your request, I'm going to ask for you and some other tandem ones too. (I hope you don't mind. I'll post them ASAP.)
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