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October 8th, 2008, 12:34 PM
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what about putting a pillow UNDER your knees. Like knees together but elevated a little. That might help keep your hips in better alignment.[/b]
I tried that last night actually. I was comfortable until DH hopping into bed, weighing down and throwing off my whole system! I tried the pillow under the legs to put things back in balance. His weight overwhelmed the pillow though! I ended up sleeping with a pillow between my legs anyways last night. How broken I am seems to change from day to day.

I still haven't taken tylenol because I just dont want to end up depending on it every night for rest. Last night was OK as far as getting comfortable on one side but when I turn my pelvis hurts, feels like it's ripping and clicks this horrible sound every time. At least that only has to happen say... 8 times a night when I get up to turn! Better then 8 times in an hour like some restless nights.
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