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October 8th, 2008, 06:13 PM
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Hey everyone!

I have been planning my homebirth for awhile now-- knowing since around 20 weeks that I wanted a home water birth. I am very much a planner-- but very much a procrastinator as well! So unfortunately, there are many things I haven't thought of until now! I have a feeling that baby Ev will come this weekend, so I've been getting last minute things ready. (we FINALLY finished the room today! lol)

Anyways, I was wondering if you ladies can think of anything I will need/want?

I was thinking earlier how I would love to have some soft/soothing music playing.. but can't think of anything? Any suggestions?

I was also hoping to get some ink footprints/handprints of my little one once he's here. Do you know what kind of ink would be safe? Any ideas of what brand, kind, or where to buy?

I always thought up until now that I would just assume labor naked in the birthing pool, but now I'm wondering if I should buy something soft to cover up with... but something that will be easy to nurse in right after the birth. Any suggestions?

I have the birthing pool/supplies ready-- I'm renting them from my doula. We're in the middle of cleaning out the living room, and making room for everything.

I feel so overwhelmed, that I'm afraid I will forget something important!! Or not even think about it in general!!

PLEASE HELP!!! Any ideas on anything would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
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